The Edwards Way

We are Edwards, the Welsh Butcher, and we believe that eating should be an experience. That’s why we value the simple pleasures in life; fresh air, good company and food that makes your heart sing.

We are Edwards

At Edwards we know that our team is our strength, and our team is full of experts who are the very best at what they do, all with a shared passion for Wales and the food that it produces.

We believe in quality

From our roots as a high street butcher we understand that quality is what makes people come back again and again, that’s why quality is at the core of everything we do. Whether that’s sourcing the finest cuts of meat or working our hardest to bring you the best time after time.

We know the value of good quality ingredients, that’s why all of the chicken and pork we use is carefully sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms and our beef is all PGI Status Welsh Beef. This means it’s from animals born and bred in Wales, who have benefited from our unique climate and lush green landscape to produce the most succulent beef with it’s own delicious flavour.

We understand our responsibility

We are proud to be Welsh and believe in the values this brings. These values include a respect for the land we live in and those we share it with. That’s why we are working hard to create a positive impact outside of creating award winning foods.

This includes helping to fight food waste by donating any surplus Edwards products to local charities and community initiatives who help provide food to those who need it most.

Our Social and Environmental Responsibility Leadership Team has recently been formed to continually improve our governance, working practices for our team, our role in the community and our impact on the environment.